About me

Let me begin with telling you that I believe in the Creator God, King of the Universe and the life giver to all living things in and on this most glorious planet we call Earth.

I have been very interested in discovering alternative ways to take care of ourselves without resorting to the medical profession. There are loads of ways we can take care of ourselves. Firstly I was always a bit skeptical about medicines as I was not convinced they were particularly healthy – so many side effects which also needed their own particular drug to take care of them and so on and so on. Watching my mother die from Cancer of the Kidney really did make me wonder what was going on. Our bodies were not meant to filter the stuff they put in the medications.

All my life I have been adverse to Drs giving me anything. Even when I was really ill my own Dr could not give me anything to help me.

When I was 21 I was dying from Chronic Nervous Indigestion – I went to the Drs they gave me Asilone Suspension which was supposed to help me – they told me to go home and relax and when I said that I was pent up like a really tight spring they just told me to go home and relax – how can someone so wound-up relax. The Asilone Suspension did nothing for me. However, I had just finished reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and not believed a word of what I was reading – how could this be. Anyway to cut a long story short. One night I was lying in bed in a great deal of pain and not having been able to drink or eat for months without throwing up I finally yelled out to God. I said that I did not believe in Him but asked Him to heal me. Well imagine my surprise when I found that I drifted into a painless sleep and woke up in the morning not having any pain. However I still had trouble eating – my precious 7 month old daughter needed me. Every time I would consider the responsibilities of being a young mom and all the implication my stomach would knot up and I felt awful. However over time with much prayer and re-reading the gospels and recognising that this same God that had touched their lives had touched mine.

Hence my journey of discovery of what makes people suffer – mentally and physically with so much torment. I realised my only solution was to hand every thing I was worried about to the Living God and ask for wisdom on how to live me life in a more productive and helpful way to others. It has taken this long to get to this point of understanding what I am doing. Helping others to find a path that is right for their health and well-being.

My way is with the Word of God and learning how to live Gods way in accordance to His teachings. Learning how to apply His lifestyle into my own and giving Him all the glory of every great victory I have in my life.

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