Whats love got to do with it?

Our human form is one so carefully designed and balanced – however we have all of us have suffered many things in our lives, feeling unloved, abandoned, wretched and even ashamed.

On looking at this picture I started to contemplate who and what makes a real positive difference in our lives – to feel loved, cherished, needed and yes desired – most people have felt the opposite most of their lives and are always looking for someone to love them in a really deep and meaningful way, completely committed to them and each other – yet after a short period of time they find that there are gaps and feelings of utter loneliness and then pain and sadness creeps in and breaks down the relationship.

When we feel loved we are on top of the world so to speak, nothing can harm us, no weapons can come against us. We feel like dancing and singing from the roof tops the joy we feel inside we want to shout out to eh whole world we are loved and are also loving someone too. Wow what a great joy and pleasure it gives us. The embraces, the cuddles, the warm snuggling up and kind words and loving gestures. we all have had them from time to time. Yet when we start to feel unloved, not cherished not desired, spoken harshly too, being insulted and blamed then we start to loose our luster and joy of life, we loose our appetites, we do not sleep we do not feel its worth bothering even to get up in the morning. We start to feel dejected – then our health starts to take a turn for the worse. We find ourselves eating badly which in turn creates other problems. Looking at ourselves heading for a diseased state of a affairs. When we look at the word carefully Dis-Eased- out of balance then we need to really start looking at what we can do to improve our state of mind before we go to far.

Before we do something stupid, like go out with someone totally unsuitable to ourselves – men and women do the same things as we are all human, its not just the prerogative of the woman to be distressed and miserable. I have met men who have also felt the same, and behaved in the same way. So it is clearly a human condition when we are not being loved or feel we are loved. However I do know that I am loved as I know that the Father takes care of all my needs. I do not have a human partner just a little female jack russel who needs me too.

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