Healing of the mind

When we consider what is happening to us today, it is very hard to stay focused on what is the bigger picture, we know that there are many things today which are not right, made to believe lies as truth.

The Father calls us to Look Up for our redemption draws nigh. Matthew 24 which clearly states that there are many things that are happening today which He spoke of, wars rumour of wars, earthquakes, vast falling away from God. These are the beginning of the birth pains of new life in the Kingdom of God. He is clearly showing us through the days events that we are coming to a time when He is coming back to Reign in Jerusalem. He will stand on the Mount of Olives and He will rule from Israel and His restoration of His laws and way of life will become a reality. Sadly there is much we need to go through before we get there. He calls us to be aware and prayerful and mindful of the times we live in.

Where there is fear there is no faith. Real Love of God and the Word and His commandments and His prophecy will cast out all fear. When we truly Love Him and He is able to flow through you with Love to others then comfort His people. We are all made in His image – He created Mankind in His image therefore we are all His People. His creation. I pray for revelation and truth to permeate the hearts and minds of the people. I pray that the Father will open up the eyes and ears and help people to recognise that We are being called to REPENTANCE as He has said that “If my people will humble themselves and pray, He will come and Heal the land”


Published by SUECAROLINE

I have learned a lot in the School of Life. Life is very precious and we have to learn to love one another, knowing that we are all connected to each other.

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