Feet a very important part of our anatomy

Bearing in mind the constant use these appendages have and the wear and tear of footwear choices we make we really do not give our feet the special treatment they deserve.

Last night I got to thinking about the importance of taking care of our feet.  The need to make sure that they are happy feet not tired achy and miserable – which in turn makes us miserable

Looking at the question of my own feet, I have damaged my toes with badly fitting shoes, stubbed my toes. Twisted my ankles on both feet and even broken one ankle and torn the ligaments in the other. 

Well now why do I then think that my feet are going to be helping me much when it comes to walking and running for any distance if I do not take better care of them.

I am seriously looking at how to care for my feet better.  After all from our feet we do transfer a lot of pain and grief to the rest of our bodies.  Also the soles of our feet are a reservoir of information to the rest of our body too.  Vital organs can be affected and helped by the application of the right oils at the right points on our feet.

As you can see that by our being more aware of the importance of our feet we would be well advised to take better care of them.

I for one, have started to learn just how much they are important – we take so much for granted in life.  Sadly when things start to go bad for us we start to run to the Drs who do their best to help however – what a great joy it is to know that we can actually look after ourselves much better by being more informed on how and what all the parts mean to us to help us to over- come different issues as they arise in our bodies. 

Bearing in mind, I am a complete novice at this and am finding my way by learning from others and being able to integrate their knowledge into my own.  It is a blessing that so many people who have already done a lot of the harder work for me. 

I was considering the actions of the Yeshua/Jesus and how when he humbled himself to wash the feet of the disciples and how incredibly  privileged they were to actually be in daily contact with Him and how the young woman who cried her tears of repentance onto the feet of Yeshua/Jesus the impact it had on all those around them it had.  What a great gift He has given to us to show us a way of being humble, compassionate and kind and merciful.  Everyone who called and went to Him were never turned away, always received what they needed from Him whether it was a word or healing.

Looking over my night’s adventure into learning the importance of our feet really got me thinking.

Not just the activities we do and how we always seem to overdo our activity sometimes and wonder why our feet and backs hurt and our heads are in a state of shock too tired to think straight. 

Taking care of our feet is paramount to the best health possible for the rest of our bodies.

Learning to apply the right oils and blends is my goal for the next year and discovering just how well it will make me feel too is a bonus. 

Foot Spa for treating your feet like royalty

If you would like to learn more about the oils I use please join me

Just a reminder of just how important we are to the Almighty God of the Universe.

He created us in His own image and he knows all our weaknesses.  I think this is one of the most beautiful  encouraging words I have come across and I have had it many years in my home and is a constant reminder of Who cares for me.

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I have learned a lot in the School of Life. Life is very precious and we have to learn to love one another, knowing that we are all connected to each other.

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