Overcoming Depression

I am at the moment looking at ways to help myself deal with depression. Afterall, we are all struggling to deal with major issues which have not been been self-inflicted, circumstances beyond our own control.

I have been looking into the various combination of oils which can help eleviate stress and my personal favourite combination at the moment is Lavender and Abundance which does seem to have a very calming and relaxing effect on me.

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I can understand that there are a various degrees of depression and reasons for being depressed. Mine when I started to look back to my childhood as part of my own healing process of prayer and deliverance it was really quite a shock to me to recognise just how much damage is caused because of ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding on our own personal behaviour can have on other people.

As children we are subjected to the whims and personalities around us. As adults the feelings we had as children are still there and undealt with until we find we can no longer cope with given situations.

I personally have found having relationships a real struggle because of the events of my own childhood experiences. I am not making excuses, just am aware of the challenges it throws up when you start to understand your own emotional barreness and in some cases could be seen as frigid or even down right uncaring.

However, when taking everything into account and searching for an answer I have found that bringing everything out in the open to yourself helps you to face the issues and move on. Prayer to me is the only answer. Having a relaxed environment in order to face the inner demons that keep us trapped makes it much easier to focus on getting things organised in our minds to face the truth of ourself.

I personally do have a history of Reactive Depression brought about by my reacting to circumstances around me which cause me a great deal of stress and anxiety.

I do praise God that through prayer and relaxation and preparedness to face oneself has a great benefit as it allows you to forgive and forget the past and move on. Only once you start the process of facing yourself.

Published by SUECAROLINE

I have learned a lot in the School of Life. Life is very precious and we have to learn to love one another, knowing that we are all connected to each other.

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