Lemon – the little yellow gem

Do you know the full benefits of the humble lemon?

Have you had the opportunity of watching a lemon tree grow and enjoy the fruits and wonderful scent of the lemon flowers?

Do you know that Lemons are wonderful, not just to put into your gin and tonic and other beverages?

Ever really consider the wholesomeness of this great fruit?

It helps you with your respiratory systems, digestion systems along with being a great boost to your immune system, anti-infections, helps your body fight colds and flue’s. (Honey and Lemon drinks really soothing on a fevered body)

It also helps keep your emotional and hormonal balance. Wow what a little precious to have in the kitchen at all times.

Apparently it is also good at being used as an antiaging agent.

It is little wonder that it is a highly prized gem in any garden.

I have one in mine and the more I learn about this beautiful tree the more I appreciate it.

Great to have a cool drink of lemon water, or even a great jug of homemade lemonade. It has so many different uses in and around the home as an astringent and cleaning product. People have used Lemon and Honey for years as part of their cold preparations.

I know that my daughter has tried it as a cleaning agent and has been surprised at how well it works.

I am learning more and more about the natural products that we have in our gardens and highly beneficial agents we can use to combat and increase our own immune systems. I am very much in favour of this way of living.

My Essential Oils offers a great range of highly recommended and 100% pure oils for you to learn how they are beneficial to you too.

Perhaps you too may want to look at some of my previous posts regarding the books I am using to discover the best way to make the most and regain a healthy body. Discovering the best way to eat and balance in your life it is very important.

Fighting fatique and difficulty with your sleeping habits. This one could surely benefit your health.

Discovering new insight

Lately I have been discovering more of the actual benefits of individual herbs and their properties, which are used in essential oils, which I enjoy using.

Discovering for myself the benefits of using them on myself for my long term health gains. Understanding their qualities enables me to make a better judgement regarding what I also use in my culinary garden.

At present I am looking at Thyme, Rosemary, Lemon, Coriander, Fennel.

Looking at each individual herb plant and seeing their actual benefits for our bodies is very interesting.

Each as the following great properties for the benefit of your health.

Hormonal/Emotional balance


muscle and bone,

Skin and hair,


So looking at my research today and wanting to learn how to use the natural plants in my own home and garden to the benefit of me and my family.

Discovering the Essential Oils has been a wonderful journey and would to invite you to join me on the journey of good health and restored balanced minds and spirits and when you too start your own journey you can encourage others to help themselves too.

Learn the steps to recovery

Discovering this book Eat Right 4 your type has opened my eyes on so many levels.

The best place to start is to learn your own blood type, O,A,B,AB

These are significant because so many people do not realise just how much danger they are in by the consummation of foods which directly are dangerous for their own well being.

This book can help you find solutions to the following.

Weight Loss

Blood Sugar normalization

Lower cholesterol

Lower triglycerides

Normal blood pressure

Reduce allergy or allergy symptoms

Reduce asthma symptoms

More energy

Better sleep cycle

Chronic pain reduction or resolution

More muscular strength

Fewer seasonal colds and flu

Less bloating and digestive discomfort.

Seriously as a keen researcher of the truth and also on how to get back to feeling the best and fittest I can this is the way I have chosen to follow.

Using this book has helped me understand my own difficulties such as pain in my hands and fingers and how to use the right kind of eating habits and cutting out acidic foods such as vinegar’s, tomatoes, potatoes of all kinds and even cutting out tomato sauces.(this was difficult for me as I really did enjoy a good squirt on my food)

Being an O type, I have learned so much about the good, bad and avoid and I can honestly say for me it is working and also it is working for my daughter she is B+ so we also have to sit and work out what we can eat together when we decide to have a meal together. No more running off to MacDonald, or KFC for us or any other fast food joint you can name. Being much more aware of what I am eating has put a whole new lease of life in my kitchen – learning to use ingredients I can have has been exciting. Adapting recipes I have had for years is fun.

The blood type solution

I have seriously been researching this matter for myself and my daughter. Not only as a matter of losing weight but also how to help overcome fatigue and other debilitating feelings and difficulties we encounter on a day to day basis.

Discovering the book Eat Right 4 your type we have been discovering just how much influence and pollutants have entered our bodies over the years through everything we eat and use in our toiletries. Even down to the condiments and seasoning we put in our cooking.

I was truly amazed at what I have been discovering and also just how much better I am feeling cutting out the chemicals and pollutants from my diet and household cleaning products and toiletries, in fact because I have been scrutinizing the shelves of the products i have come to realise just how much damage these products cause over a period of time.

I am now learning about how to use home grown herbs in the garden to my benefit. Discovering that mixing herbs in teas is a great start to the day. Especially when you are using the ones that are highly beneficial for your particular blood group.

As a Type O I have focused on discovering more and more for my benefit. The journey to helping other to find solutions to their difficulties and learning to understand the connections all the additives and preservatives the harm they are doing to us.

I have just found this great gook Eat Right 4 your type so full of incredible helpful material and the complete sciences he has used to come to the conclusions by watching people use his book to their betterment, I really do highly recommend this book to you.

It covers great swathes of information that can help you loose weight and regain healthy immune system. We have been so used to using the stuff on the shelves without really paying much attention to how it really is affecting our bodies and mind/mental health. It has certainly been an eye opener for me.

Keeping abreast of my health

When I started the journey of discovering what Essential Oils and herbs could do for me I did not realise the complexity of the issues involved in our bloods, and immune and general health that certain foods and oils can do for us.

Being O group person myself, I have obviously been interested in learning what can be done to improve my diet, as I do have a tendency to be on the heavy side. Discovering this Eat Right 4 Your Type book has made a huge difference on how I view my eating habits and also what is in foods and in shampoos and cosmetics in general which all have an affect on our bodies. Some products are darn right nasty and should not even be considered as cosmetics – more like plastering yourself with poison.

Everything you buy has some kind of chemical base which is harmful and I have been discovering for myself how to overcome the harmful effects is has had on my own body.

As I have started to not only look at what is good for me, I have noticed more and more just how much junk is in every thing we buy so called healthy foods and fast food is the worst. The amount of junk in the meat from the antibiotics and hormones that they give to the animals to enhance their so called quality is disgusting. For me, it has made me have a complete rethink about what I am actually eating and putting on my body.

I check the labels on everything and am astounded at just what is in these products. Toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos and even shower gels. We are slowly allowing ourselves to be poisoned to death by these products.

Checking out the herbs which I eat has even given me some clearer. Coming to understand the best herbs and in the same way which oils work best for me. Everything is linked and I am learning just how much they are linked together.

The more I learn about my own body and its needs and helping it be restored to good health and balanced body mind and soul. It takes time to learn about yourself and wow I am enjoying my journey.

If you too have had similar insight then please do not hesitate to connect and contact me. would loves to hear your story too.

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