Keeping abreast of my health

When I started the journey of discovering what Essential Oils and herbs could do for me I did not realise the complexity of the issues involved in our bloods, and immune and general health that certain foods and oils can do for us.

Being O group person myself, I have obviously been interested in learning what can be done to improve my diet, as I do have a tendency to be on the heavy side. Discovering this Eat Right 4 Your Type book has made a huge difference on how I view my eating habits and also what is in foods and in shampoos and cosmetics in general which all have an affect on our bodies. Some products are darn right nasty and should not even be considered as cosmetics – more like plastering yourself with poison.

Everything you buy has some kind of chemical base which is harmful and I have been discovering for myself how to overcome the harmful effects is has had on my own body.

As I have started to not only look at what is good for me, I have noticed more and more just how much junk is in every thing we buy so called healthy foods and fast food is the worst. The amount of junk in the meat from the antibiotics and hormones that they give to the animals to enhance their so called quality is disgusting. For me, it has made me have a complete rethink about what I am actually eating and putting on my body.

I check the labels on everything and am astounded at just what is in these products. Toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos and even shower gels. We are slowly allowing ourselves to be poisoned to death by these products.

Checking out the herbs which I eat has even given me some clearer. Coming to understand the best herbs and in the same way which oils work best for me. Everything is linked and I am learning just how much they are linked together.

The more I learn about my own body and its needs and helping it be restored to good health and balanced body mind and soul. It takes time to learn about yourself and wow I am enjoying my journey.

If you too have had similar insight then please do not hesitate to connect and contact me. would loves to hear your story too.

Published by SUECAROLINE

I have learned a lot in the School of Life. Life is very precious and we have to learn to love one another, knowing that we are all connected to each other.

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