Lemon – the little yellow gem

Do you know the full benefits of the humble lemon?

Have you had the opportunity of watching a lemon tree grow and enjoy the fruits and wonderful scent of the lemon flowers?

Do you know that Lemons are wonderful, not just to put into your gin and tonic and other beverages?

Ever really consider the wholesomeness of this great fruit?

It helps you with your respiratory systems, digestion systems along with being a great boost to your immune system, anti-infections, helps your body fight colds and flue’s. (Honey and Lemon drinks really soothing on a fevered body)

It also helps keep your emotional and hormonal balance. Wow what a little precious to have in the kitchen at all times.

Apparently it is also good at being used as an antiaging agent.

It is little wonder that it is a highly prized gem in any garden.

I have one in mine and the more I learn about this beautiful tree the more I appreciate it.

Great to have a cool drink of lemon water, or even a great jug of homemade lemonade. It has so many different uses in and around the home as an astringent and cleaning product. People have used Lemon and Honey for years as part of their cold preparations.

I know that my daughter has tried it as a cleaning agent and has been surprised at how well it works.

I am learning more and more about the natural products that we have in our gardens and highly beneficial agents we can use to combat and increase our own immune systems. I am very much in favour of this way of living.

My Essential Oils offers a great range of highly recommended and 100% pure oils for you to learn how they are beneficial to you too.

Perhaps you too may want to look at some of my previous posts regarding the books I am using to discover the best way to make the most and regain a healthy body. Discovering the best way to eat and balance in your life it is very important.

Fighting fatique and difficulty with your sleeping habits. This one could surely benefit your health.

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I have learned a lot in the School of Life. Life is very precious and we have to learn to love one another, knowing that we are all connected to each other.

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