Making the most of Gods Gifts

During the years I have sought to find solutions to my own health issues by seeking Alternative lifestyle choices and healing. My journey has thus far drawn a blank until I discovered a great book called Healing Oils of the Bible. I then was given the opportunity to discover the great advantages of using theContinue reading “Making the most of Gods Gifts”

Feet a very important part of our anatomy

Bearing in mind the constant use these appendages have and the wear and tear of footwear choices we make we really do not give our feet the special treatment they deserve. Last night I got to thinking about the importance of taking care of our feet.  The need to make sure that they are happyContinue reading “Feet a very important part of our anatomy”

Learning about the way these amazing oils work for you.

Join me on an adventure to recover your body balance and health and become aware just how important you are to yourself. Without you your family would be lost. It is in your best interest to make sure your health stays in tip top condition once you have achieved your goal of a well balancedContinue reading “Learning about the way these amazing oils work for you.”

Understanding the balance in your own body is so important

Whether you’re a fussy eater or whether you are a eat whatever you fancy kind of gal.  There is always room for improvement.  For me,  I am discovering – late in life just how important what we eat and how we eat is so very important to our overall well-being. I am very concerned withContinue reading “Understanding the balance in your own body is so important”