Essential Oils and Herbal remedies

I am a keen advocate for finding solutions to health issues whether it be physical or emotional and mental health.

My own journey has been one of discovery, using Essential Oils in my own home to fight of viral infections and using them in my diffusers to bring about a clean and peaceful environment for me to be relaxed and in tune with my own responses to this worlds crazy ideas and behaviours.

I use this to help me understand how to overcome so many of todays ills, poisoning from drugs on our health immune systems, I am doing a vast research to keep myself healthy and those of my family

Powerful little fruit

I would like to introduce you the benefits of this great little fruit Persimmons i made the discovery of its benefits on reading the book I am using to improve my own health and weight issues.

I have been absolutely stunned at what I have been discovering about how our blood and DNA and food are all inter-related.

Would highly recommend you get this book Eat Right 4 your Blood Type

Recently did as DNA Test for my Ancestry tree and discovered things about myself I did not expect. It also gave me a much more clearer picture on why I enjoy certain foods over others and why I struggled all these years to get my weight under control. Eating what you think is good for you in fact could be the worst you could eat in relation to your blood type and DNA heritage. On doing the research for my own health and understanding more how every thing is connected has opened my eyes more about what I can eat and drink and feel really great within my own body.

At last I now understand why Water to me is the best drink in the world for me.

I used to be a heavy coffee drinker until recently when I started to just drink water. Wow, the taste buds are alive like never before, every thing is amazing to eat.

I was at my daughters house and she offered me a coffee, after only drinking water for 5 days, coffee to me tastes like a mud pile.

Taste and smells have all been heightened again, it is wonderful to taste food again as it was starting to taste of nothing and i was losing my appetite for eating anything. This little fruit above has certainly made a difference to me even in a very short time.

so when you go shopping do look out for fruits that you may not have tried before and do the research on the for your own blood type so that you can get your own body back into a great place of feeling healthy again

Sunhine, fresh air and as great sense of taste – The Creator made everything available to us we just do not see His amazing gifts right in front of us.

Interesting reading

I am always concerned that the effect technology has on peoples health, not only on our visual health but our mental health too.

I have been reading this article and wanted to share it with you.

I was not surprised with what it was saying regarding “smart phones”, also I have got similar issues with sitting for long periods on computers in general.

I try to limit my time on technology, much prefer one to one chats with human beings and meeting people face to face in the real world not through screens.

I often take note of the Book of Daniel and how it describes how people are rushing too and fro regarding knowledge and technology (last chapter of Daniel) I consider all the different applications we have in our live which we use regularly. I often think back to the time when I did not have a mobile phone or a laptop or a computer of any description and I can honestly say I preferred my life with out these gadgets. No stress, not being bombarded by news of any kind, just enjoying the great gifts of life that the Father Creator has given to us.

I think for me personally I will stop using these tech devises soon as I really do not enjoy their intrusion in my life.

Moving to a new location, I am not planning of keeping too much in the way of the internet or devices that interfere with my day.

I enjoy creating my dolls clothes, and items of joy for my garden and love to cook and enjoy just the great pleasure of being able to walk in the parks of life and enjoy the countryside around us. My dog and I enjoy our quiet times away from the computers so it is now time to recapture my time of peace.

Reflecting on our inner self

When considering why we suffer from a variety of challenges in our lives I often pray to the Creator of the Universe for wisdom and understanding of the human condition. I myself have suffered over the years and have brought all my troubles and worries and concerns to the throne of grace.

We can take a good hard look at the events in our lives and if we are completely honest about ourselves we can see we actually are not that good at making right choices.

From personal experience I can only offer my own actual learning to turn to God for healing and teaching.

Reaching out to the hem of His garment and asking for Him to teach me how to live and change my way of thinking and living.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood who reached out and touched the hem of the Messiahs garment speaks volumes to me as it was after she had spent all her money and visiting loads of physicians her plight was worse at the end than it was when she started out. She understood that if she could just reach out and touch the hem og His garment she knew she would be healed. She reached out, touched the hem of His garment and in doing so the Messiah knew that power had gone out of himself and He turned round and looked straight at her and said that because of her trust in Him and His healing power she was healed instantly of the haemorrhaging that had plagued her for 12 years.

We are so slow to come to the Father yet, He is waiting for us to reach out and ask for His help.

Like He says if we humble ourselves and call out to him he will come and heal us.

We do not seem to get the full picture of His miracle power and love and forgiveness until we are right at the end of our tether and last hope. Yet all the time He waits for us. With His kindness and mercy.

We are stubborn, stiff-necked and proud and arrogant and too proud to really come to the Father of all creation to ask for His Help.

For me, turning to God has been a salvation worth working for. Surrendering all my anxiety and fears and troubles and difficulties to him, does bring peace in the mind that is past all human understanding because it is in understanding to Obey what God has taught us from the beginning of time that we read and learn to accept His great truth that without His breath of life in us we would not even be here.

Adding a little relaxation

My two holiday homes are available from November for a nice respite from the summer. Both are in great locations.

At Pevensey Lux there is an opportunity where you can also get a spa treatment with a friend who works from her own place and is happy to give spa and relaxation treatments. If you are interested learning more then please do contact me so I can pass on her details.

New Beach (HidiHythe) will be available for private rental during the autumn and winter months and hopefully through next year too for breaks with your families.

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